Community Guidelines

Play by the rules or take a hike

I deally, we would never need to bring up anything on this list. Unfortunately, people don’t always get along, so there are rules required to keep the community a fun and enjoyable place for everyone. This is a list of content and behaviour that can get your discord or forum post removed, and might have your account banned. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list; our admin and moderator team reserve the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate, or that does not fit with the ethos of Team Okami. If you are defending your actions by saying “it’s not in the rules” – chances are your actions aren’t in the right. Enforcement of any punishments for violating our guidelines is up to the discretion of our admin team. Have you noticed any of the stuff below? You can help us out by flagging the post or reporting it to a moderator with supporting evidence.

Behaviour Guidelines

Racism, Sexism, LGBTQ+ bigotry, and other Discrimination: Attacking an entire class of people is just like attacking a single person, and one of the easiest paths to being removed from Team Okami. This kind of behaviour does not fit the TOK ethos in any way. We want our community to be a fun place for everyone of all colours and backgrounds.

Hate Groups and Ideologies: While the last point should be enough to cover this, we wanted to specifically call this point out with the current climate that can be found in many places on the internet: do not identify with or promote hate groups and their ideologies. And to be extra clear; a hate group is one that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a designated sector of society (e.g. Nazism, KKK, ISIS). Additionally, symbols specifically associated with these groups will not be permitted in any content on our Team platforms outside of proper historical context.

Personal Attacks: A very straight forward requirement; don’t attack or insult other community members. It doesn’t help make Team Okami a friendly place to have fun, and it is not helpful in forging new friendships with other team members. If you’re thinking of using a specific term such as a slur (racial or otherwise) or derogatory insult: stop, think about why that’s a bad idea, and then don’t do it.

Harassment: This is becoming an increasing problem online, and it’s not cool. Stalking or unwelcome attention, content meant to offend, intimidate, embarrass or demean, including those that reinforce social structures of prejudice or domination regarding race, religion, sex, gender (identity or expression), sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability or age, can all be part of this problem. We’ll have words with you if this starts happening, and repeat offences will result in a ban. If you feel a member of the community is engaging in this type of behaviour, whether against you or someone else, please report it immediately. Our staff will investigate and handle the problem confidentially.

NSFW Material and Illegal Activities: Nope, not here please. Porn is cool, but our Team platforms are not the place for it. This goes for gore and generally gross (NSFL) stuff as well. Links to things such as illegal downloads, means for theft of services, or other nefarious activity, are not only problematic for the person sharing, but also the legal operations of our community. This is a perfect way to see yourself banned.

Trolling: Joking and teasing with others is great so long as both parties are having fun. Provoking or instigating other members to an action which leads to a violation of our community guidelines, or causes any other inappropriate behaviour, will be treated as if they had committed the act themselves. Remember that humour styles can vary widely between cultures, and just because you may be joking with someone doesn’t mean they find it funny. Be respectful.

Disruptive Drama: Friendly debate is fine, but don’t engage in excessive amounts of complaining, non-constructive criticism, or arguing within the community. Team Okami intends to remain as fun and drama-free as possible, so no matter if you are causing unnecessary drama, or taking actions which incite it, you will be treated the same. This of course, does not mean that members can never complain, criticize, or debate. We always welcome community feedback and suggestions. If it reaches the point where these actions become unhelpful and are affecting community cohesion however, we’ll be having words with you. If this becomes a frequent problem, a ban will be issued.

Content & Site Guidelines

Be Civil: Disagreements are okay, and always going to happen between people. It’s part of being diverse individuals with different perspectives, and makes for an interesting community. With that said, remain agreeable even when you disagree with someone. Don’t devolve into name calling, ad-hominem attacks, or plain old (written) shouting. Remember to criticize ideas, not other people, and don’t be afraid to step away from a topic and take a break. If you wouldn’t say something when in a public coffee shop with friends, then don’t post it here.

Improve the Discussion: We want to continue making Team Okami a great place for people to gather together and share their passions with one another. The topics and content posted in our community matter to us, so help improve the conversation even if it’s just your own small way. Don’t make duplicate posts across different forums, reply with only “agreed”, or use +1 — it clogs things up and fractures the conversation. Instead, share your posts in the correct categories (or request new ones from the admin team), and make use of our post reaction systems. Helping newer members learn the ropes, sharing your insight, thoughts, and opinions on different forum topics, or hanging out with people on Discord are all excellent other ways to help contribute positively to the community.

Serious and Political Topics: With as divisive as the climate has gotten these days, serious and political topics topics can be a very tough thing to deal with in a community. Rather than simply banning them outright, we want to give people the opportunity to discuss these in an environment that is able to remain respectful and in line with our community ethos. These extra guidelines are meant to help maintain a civil discussion. While our staff will attempt to remain as neutral as possible when acting as a moderator, by engaging in this kind of discussion on our platform, you acknowledge that everyone still has their own biases, and may unconsciously favor one side. Taking part in this kind of discussion on our platforms is treated as a privilege, not a right. If we see you not making a fair effort in your content in this section, we’ll have a conversation with you about the things that need improvement. If your standards don’t rise we’ll issue a ban on these sections of our community.

Do your Research: Threads on our forums are moderator approved before open to public discussion, and clear effort must be put into your contributions to topic threads, regardless if you are the original post or not. When making claims, they must be well sourced from respected publications (Politico, the BBC, The Economist are center-left, center, and center-right examples respectively). So long as it is a respected publication, you may not dismiss anything they say simply because you don’t like their political leaning. Claiming “fake news” is not a debate; actually provide a rebuttal that shows evidence something is false. Opinions are fine to have as part of your argument in a debate, but highlight it as just your opinion and do not claim it as fact.

Serious Topics and Discord: As real-time chat is much more difficult to moderate and review, serious and political topic discussion on our Discord server is locked to members who have shown a history of positive interaction on our forums. For those who want to unlock the ability to discuss these topics in Discord, members will submit a written essay on any recent or current events. A rubric of requirements will be available for review that shows the requirements of the essay. Highlights include using a number respected references, using strong writing skill and proper grammar, and demonstrating the ability to properly structure an argument or fact-based opinion. Those scoring 75 out of 100 points unlock our Political Pundit rank, allowing them to access the dedicated Discord channel. Yes, this type of requirement is a bit over the top, but it shows us you are willing to put in the effort to have a serious discussion with others.

Keep it Clean: We of course have a zero tolerance for spam! Regardless if it’s from a human or a robot, spam outside of the one or two explicitly designated areas goes in the bin.

Posting Unmarked Spoilers: No one likes being spoiled on something they’re really looking forward to seeing for themselves. Make use of that great spoiler tag invention on the forums. And if you’re chatting on other platforms like Discord, make sure you give people fair warning before going spoiler crazy. Generally speaking, media released more than 12 months ago in NA is considered fair game.

Complaints about Moderation: See “Moderation” below.

Site Bashing: Whether it’s Team Okami, another community, rival team, or website – don’t bash them or their members. It’s not cool and it’s disrespectful to many people. Be the better person here, please.

If You See a Problem, Flag It: We’d much prefer our community team to work as facilitators, not police or janitors. That’s where members of the community can help: if you see bad behaviour by others, don’t reply, just flag it. Engaging with people publicly over it usually encourages the bad behaviour through acknowledgement. Don’t waste your time and energy over it.

Abuse of the Flag System: With the above said, should we notice you flagging content that has no business being flagged, if only because you disagree with someone’s viewpoint, we’ll be having words with you.

Violations and Consequences

These are left up to the discretion of the admin or moderator issuing them, based on our community moderation guidelines. We keep these private to help avoid people trying to “game” the system, but members can take our three severity level system as a general rule of thumb.

Minor Infractions: For this part of our community guidelines, members can expect purges of content, or a temporary kick from social areas (such as Discord). We’ll want to engage you in a conversation about these kinds of violations as well, to hopefully avoid any further issues in the future.

Serious Violations: This is where you will start to see bans considered. Generally members can expect to see a warning if we see actions or behaviour taking a wrong turn towards offences like this, and will try to open a dialogue with you about it. Random violations at this severity level won’t get such warnings. These bans can be temporary, and may even just be limited to a restriction on certain areas of our forums or Discord (such as News and Politics or the Role Play section) instead of from the community as a whole. Once your time is over, you will have full access once again, though repeated offences are more likely to lead to permanent bans.

Ethos Violations: If you for some reason take actions or post content that go against the principles Team Okami is built upon, we’ll go ahead and hand you a permanent ban from the community.


TOK Moderators: While they aren’t officially representing the site, they along with the admin team are here to help ensure the Team Okami rules and ethos are adhered to, and generally make the community a great place for everyone. You can spot them in the forums sporting a badge, or appropriate tags on other platforms if you need to contact them.

Questions about TOK Moderation: We are happy to have a dialogue with you about it — in private. We’ve learned from experience that public complaints about moderation only leads to bad things, such as needless community drama. Should we make updates or changes to the way our community is going to moderate content, this kind of topic will be shared under site announcements on the forums, with open comments there if applicable. Any complaints about moderation or comment removal will also be removed, and if you can’t stop yourself we will issue a ban.

Wait, isn’t this censorship? Yes and no. In countries like the United States, the right to free speech only guarantees freedom of consequences from government entities, not private ones. You’re still free to say whatever you like without restriction, just not here with us. Team Okami holds a stricter standard than some others, and things like hate speech and bigotry do not have a place in our community. We want social interactions to encourage excellent discussions and friendships with your fellow members, and moderating the activity that takes place on our platforms is one way we achieve that goal. We’ve had a number of years to learn how things can go down in online discussions (and we’re still learning). So while you may think content was too benign to warrant removal, chances are it wasn’t. The bottom line: our community management team has the final say in matters of community guidelines.

Bans and Appeals: Bans are only discussed with the affected member(s) and not discussed with third parties. Depending on the offence, you will be given the opportunity to speak with Admins and Moderators at the same time in a private setting, to appeal your ban should you wish. All appeals will be put to a vote, and the individual must win a majority vote to have their membership reinstated. Requests can be sent through the main Team Okami website.

If you feel you are being subject to admin abuse, please use the contact system to reach our community manager and submit an official complaint.

These guidelines may be updated without notice at any time. Last update: 12/11/2017

Still have unanswered questions?

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